About us

Services International is one of the leaders in the Indian travel and tourism industry and the promoters are in the trade for more than 25 years.

Our office based in Delhi, has a team of over 60 dedicated persons and trusted representatives all over India, Nepal, Tibet, Srilanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh and one single contact with us in New Delhi can cover all arrangements in these places.

We have our own fleet of cars in Delhi and at rest of the places we pick and choose the best. The services provided to the client is personalized and friendly which results in repeated clientele with us.

We are recognized by the Department of Tourism (Govt. of India), are members of IATA, Indian Association of tour operations and Travel Agents Associations of India.

SERVICES INTERNATIONAL is also representing some of the leading Insurance companies from Europe & USA to service their policy holders over the sub - continent round the clock.

We are operational 24 hrs a day and through out the year. This is also one of the few agencies where some of us also speak Spanish and French. We have very special rates with hotels in India and Nepal for foreigners & Non resident Indians.

Since inception, we are dealing with inbound tours, conferences exhibitions and delegations.

As we have been dealing in the in-bound tourism, we understand well the likes and the dislikes of foreign tourists and Non Resident Indians. We have been attending travel marts in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Holland, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Hungary, Italy, Greece, etc.

Our ticketing department has stock of all the domestic & international airlines and we can offer you good deals in the air travel. Services International is always at your service.